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Tyrone Adam Burroughs商学院的使命 & Entrepreneurship at PG电子游戏官网 is to prepare competitive graduates for our global economy.  这包括让学生为进入商界做准备, 非牟利机构, 研究生院和他们社区的领导角色.  PG电子平台的毕业生将成为谨慎的风险管理者, 热爱终身学习, 职业变化与调整, and discerning entrepreneurial opportunities based on the African American experience for the formation, 扩张, 以及企业的所有权.



主要 AY 2016-2017 AY 2017-2018 AY 2018-2019
会计 17 5 15
工商管理 32 29 27
经济学 3 4 4
一般业务 3 8 2

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职务名称 工资中位数
营销经理 $131,180
财务经理 $121,750
销售经理 $117,960
财务顾问 $90,530
业务运营经理 $99,310



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校友 & 学生聚光灯


撒玛利亚的基督教, a senior majoring in business administration with a concentration in management, 是亚特兰大公立学校系统的骄傲产物.   她在乔治亚州的亚特兰大市出生并长大. Samaria will graduate from PG电子游戏官网 in May 2019 with several accomplishments. 在校园, she is heavily involved in the National Society of Leadership and Success, 全国大学协会, 以及美三角国际荣誉协会.  She is also the team leader for the PG电子游戏官网 Cheerleading Squad, 荣誉学院小姐(2017-2018), and the membership chairperson and secretary for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 合并. She volunteers as an assistant coach for the Palmetto Youth Tigers Cheerleading Squad and has been working for the First Year Experience at Benedict for two year. 尽管她参加了很多课外活动, 撒玛利亚保持了很高的平均绩点.  她以4分的成绩获得了总统奖杯.一学期绩点为零.  

过去的四个夏天, she has been held an internship for the City of Atlanta in several departments.  她在公园和娱乐部门工作, 公共工程部, 流域管理部. 在2018年的夏天, she worked in the Office of Performance and Accountability in the Department of Watershed Management.  她学习了项目管理、时间管理和社交. 毕业后, she plans to work in the Human Resources Department for Delta Airlines or return to the City of Atlanta as part of their management team. 总结她在本尼迪克特的时光, 撒玛利亚的州, “PG电子游戏官网 has prepared me to be a power for good in society.”


Mr. 肖恩·布朗, 新奥尔良人, 路易斯安那州, is a rising junior majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing. 他将于2020年5月毕业. 肖恩积极参与校园活动.  他是先生。. 初级2018 - 19, 本笃书院学生大使, 也是PG电子平台福音合唱团的鼓手.  He is also a member of the Men Achieving Leadership, Excellence and Success (M.A.L.E.S.) organization, and the Collegiate 100 Leadership Organization on campus.

Reflecting on his extracurricular involvement, Shawn says, “The reason I decided to run for Mr. Junior is because I desire to ensure that students have all of the tools they need to take themselves higher as well as the tools to lift others. 我相信如果学生们看到同龄人取得了领导地位, 卓越与成功, 这将激励他们想要做同样的事.”


Denera麦卡洛在纽约哈莱姆出生长大.  When she graduated in May 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in 会计, she became the third member of her immediate family to graduate from PG电子游戏官网.  她于2016年6月以硕士学位毕业于韦伯斯特大学.B.A in Management and Leadership while working at PricewaterhouseCoopers, a big four accounting firm. 

Ms. McCullough is a member of several organizations such as Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, 公司., Phi Beta Lambda商业组织, and Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) just to name a few.  She takes pride in being a board member and Director of Women Affairs for the National Association of Each One Teach One, 公司. non-profit organization founded in Harlem, New York by her father, Mr. 罗伯特·麦卡洛.  She is also a mentor and motivational speaker for the National Association of Each One Teach One, 公司. 高中课程.  Ms. McCullough instills in her mentees that, “Leadership is not the ability lead others.  领导力是一种让别人领导自己的能力.”  She believes that being impactful to your community by passing on valuable knowledge is essential to ensuring your community’s survival and for the survival of their future generations.